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The making of the TaitoRama MAME cabinet
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Bezel, Marquee and TaitoRama

Here is a better view of the plexi/lexan plate on top of the control panel. I am very content with the joystick and button layout of the board and the finish.

I was however not satisfied with the colors on them so I later changed them to black and a red top for the joysticks.

Now the cabinet needed a bezel to cover up the TFT screen mounted in the cabinet. I marked where the eges of the monitor is and painted on the back of the plexi to give it a nice and glossy look.

Photo is from ProjectMame, since I didn't take any pictures of the proces, but the technique is the same ;o)



A view of the control panel and the bezel. I changed the buttons to black and the top of the joysticks to red for a bit more authentic retro look.

Man it's getting better and better. Now for the really satisfying part. The marquee.

You can mount your joysticks invisible too, with this bracket:

Nanocade Invisible Joystick Bracket v2

Since my cabinet was made with inspiration from a Taito arcade cabinet, the name of the arcade had to be TaitoRama. I modified the original BombJack marquee in Adobe Illustrator and changed the letters to TaitoRama. I then changed the background, added some logos and the Taito Tempered logo at the bottom.

I mounted the marquee sandwiched between two layers of plexi/lexan and fastened them with a stainless steel L shaped profile my father made.


And the marquee with lights! Wow, looks stunning.


Initially I mounted a homebuilt celeron single-core processor system, but I just recently got a pretty sweet deal on a dual-core MSI Wind Box DE200 EU, which I mounted in the cabinet. The advantage with the MSI system is a rather capable system with a very low energy consumption, 30watt at idle. I have connected an Altec-Lancing subwoofer system for the two Sony Xplod car speakers in the cabinet and a second more potent subwoofer from logitech for the speakers in my apartment. 
I installed the arcade frontend Maximus Arcade and designed a custom skin that fits the look of the arcade. It contains a mame emulator, amiga emulator, future pinball emulator, and SK Jukebox. Looking good!
300 hours of work, frustration and sawdust but it's been worth it. The TaitoRama is now the center of all the entertainment at my place. It works as an arcade, a mediacenter and a jukebox connected to the TV.

You can mount your joysticks invisible too, with this bracket:

Nanocade Invisible Joystick Bracket v2

Radiant Silvergun!
SK Jukebox. Still the best arcade jukebox out there. It's always a hit a parties and nobody can complain about the music when they have chosen it themselves ;o)
One last photo for good measure. Hope you feel inspired to go and make one for yourself.
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If you decide to make your own MAME cabinet using my drawings, please feel free to make a donation,  as I'm trying to raise enough money to make a new up-right cabinet, that's hard to do as a student.


See the work drawings and artwork here
Video of the process here


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