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Step by step
The making of the Project MAME Arcade Cabinet

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New Control Panel & Artwork

Finally I recieved my Sanwa balltop joysticks and new buttons. Now it was time to make a new af much better controlpanel in steel and plexi. The metal and plexi were cut on a laser.

You can mount your joysticks invisible too, with this bracket:

Nanocade Invisible Joystick Bracket v2

I also created my own custom made controlpanel art in illustrator. This makes it so much more fun to play and looks awesome to me :)

The result was absolutely stunning!!!


Time to wire up the whole thing. Takes a long time, but eventually it worked fine. Im still using my x-arcade PCB. Wondering if I should get an I-PAC? Maybe, maybe not.
I decided to make my own custom made marquee in adobe illustrator. I had it printed in a local copy-shop. The result was very nice i think.

The final result after installing the new controlpanel and marquee.


Another shot of the new controlpanel :D

You can mount your joysticks invisible too, with this bracket:

Nanocade Invisible Joystick Bracket v2


Finally i recieved my vinyl artwork for the kickplate, speakers and front of controlpanel.

I also recieved a bezel artwork, but desided not to use it. It was too confusing to look at.
Time to mount the artwork.
Here it's installed in the cabinet. It wasn't as hard as I expected, the vinyl was exelent to use.
Here is the artwork in front of the controlpanel.
And around the speakers. The monster in the middle is from the original Galaga artwork.
Another picture. Hope you like it.
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If you decide to make your own MAME cabinet using my drawings, please feel free to make a donation,  as I'm trying to raise enough money to make a new up-right cabinet, that's hard to do as a student.


See the work drawings and artwork here
Video of the process here


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